About the Product

Zero Maintenance

Duro Comfort mats are easy to clean and require virtually zero maintenance.


The edges have unique tapering beveled edges to prevent tripping over. The surface is puncture resistant, stain proof and has anti-skid properties.

Different Colors & Design

Duro Comfort mats come in numerous colours, designs and patterns and each of them is incredibly soft and cushioned for every use.

About Us

Duro Comfort Anti Gravity Mats

Duro comfort anti gravity mats are manufactured with the highest quality materials using the latest patented technology. The mats delivers spring and cushion support, absorbs shock and reduces fatigue and discomfort 

If you are in a profession which demands long standing hours or someone who finds it difficult to cook in the kitchen standing, Duro Comfort is designed just for you. It's ergo foam technology makes sure you are not tired of standing for long hours and remain productive even after completing your usual work.